Ursula from Manchester who had online spiritual guidance and past life regression therapy
"Thank you so much for your wonderful calm and intuitive therapy. Your session was exactly what I needed to help me break through some major recurring obstacles in my life. Your intuition and messages from my spirit guide were 100% appropriate and so reassuring. I have written them down so I can read them when I begin to feel stressed by day to day events. They help me let go of worrying and remember the bigger picture of where I am going in life. The past life regression has freed a heavy feeling of grief that I have been aware of all my life and which I always felt didn't belong to me. I feel that big heavy cloud has lifted and I can experience being more completely in tune with myself in this lifetime. Since resolving the past life pain, the career blockages I was feeling beforehand have released and I am eagerly taking daily steps to achieve what I want now without anxiety or negative beliefs weighing me down. I am also receiving many more synchronicities and clear signs of support from my spirit guide in everyday life that I would never have known to look out for previously. I am so glad I contacted you and look forward to having some more sessions with you in the future!"

ANNE from MANCHESTER, who had suffered severe spider phobia and had one session 3 months before this message.


"I just wanted to let you know that I'm starting to see the effects of hypnotherapy!  I can now pick up spiders in my hand to put them outside!  You are amazing! Thank you so much."




"I first met with Reiko at a particularly difficult period in my life 15  years ago. I had divorced after a turbulent marriage with an alcoholic, was struggling to work and support myself and my small daughter financially, was hundreds of miles away from family and was unable to talk about the emotional and physical abuse and associated problems which showed no sign or abating. In fact, as time had gone by and the issues remained buried, it got harder.


Having tried counselling and talking therapies, I decided to try hypnotherapy and found Reiko as she was practicing in an office near my home.


Now, 15 years later, I do not recognize the person I was back then. (I am also a non-smoker, having had 1 session to stop smoking with Reiko as well!)


Reiko’s approach, to look at my self-esteem and why I had been unable to recognise my value and verbalise this in my marriage - and other relationships – to take me back to my childhood and reassess the way I thought about myself and how I related to other people, what was important to me and how to nurture those things, led me onto a path of self-improvement and spiritual awareness that I am still walking today.  I approach every day with a sense of gratitude, serenity and joy. I’m not happy every minute of every day, or course not, and I still encounter problems that I have to deal with but I am stronger, confident in my ability to cope and fully focused on my well-being.


You don’t walk out after a session and become someone different. I liken it to a sat-nav: you wouldn’t program your destination when you get in your car and expect it to drive itself. You still have to steer your own ship. But it awakens your sense of self and in my case, I am a better, more resilient person and ever thankful that I walked into Reiko’s office back 15 years ago."