Online sessions are available via Skype.  

I will find your Skype account using your email or phone number and send you a request after your booking is confirmed.  Please accept it before the session. 


On the day, please make sure that your device is fully charged and notification is switched off.

WHat you need for online hypnosis session

How you look when you are under hypnosis.
How you look when you are under hypnosis.
  • Private, undisturbed, warm room.  If possible, quiet and softly lit. 
  • Comfortable clothes and a chair or bed to sit or lie down on. 
  • Blanket or throw if the room is not warm enough.
  • PC with webcam, tablet, or smartphone with earphone and microphone.
  • Skype or Messenger software or app installed on your device and your account.
  • Glass of water (optional).

 If you use your tablet or smartphone, please use a stand.  I will need to see your face and body while you are under hypnosis.  You will be too relaxed to hold it up.   

online spiritual guidance

The environment for spiritual guidance doesn't need to be as controlled as that for hypnotherapy, but somewhere reasonably quiet where you are comfortable talking on the phone. I will need to see your face during initial consultation only.  We will switch to voice call when I start delivering messages which I recommend you to record.