about sessions

Practice is now closed.  Sessions are no longer available.  

Past Life regression/hypnotherapy (1.5 hours)

I will spend first 30 minutes asking you what is bothering you and what you would like to achieve, together with checking your medical history.  Then I will put you under hypnosis using my gentle voice which is similar to a guided meditation.  When you are under, you will be given suggestions or guided to bring up images or past life memories to be used for healing your past which will lead to positive changes.  This will take about 50 minutes.


You will be extremely relaxed after a hypnosis session.  You may feel a little light-headed but you should be back to normal after 10 minutes or so.  

You don't need to pay if you are unhappy with my session.


NOTE:  If you would just like to talk and me to listen, my therapy will not suit you. 


Most cases only need one session per each issue. If you have a few issues interconnected or your issue is deep-seated such as depression,  you may need additional sessions.  I will tell you how many sessions you will need after the initial consultation.  The gap between sessions is usually a few weeks.  In any case, I will try to complete the course of treatment within 4 sessions.  


  Usually it will take a while - at least a few months - to see a real change, working like a sand castle gradually being broken down by sea waves.  For emotional issues, your unconscious mind - sometimes body too - may start detoxifying after the session, and you may become extremely emotional but you should not suppress it.  Find a private place and release your emotions as much as possible as this will facilitate your healing process. You may start getting insights and understanding from your daily life which you did not notice before the session.  This will help you to learn who you are and take you to a new phase of life.

Sometimes it works and you notice the change straight away.  In any case, the result will stay for a long time, often life time.

spiritual guidance (45 min)

I will ask what you are seeking guidance for in the first 15 minutes.  Then I will close my eyes and go into self-hypnosis to connect with your spirit guides/guardian angels, channel and deliver their messages.  When their initial messages are complete, I will lift my finger.  You can then ask me questions and I will deliver their answers. It is a good idea to prepare what you would like to ask before the session.

As I act as merely a speaker for them,  I usually don't remember very much about their messages after I come awake.  You can record their messages if you wish.


Unlike mediums/psychic readings, I will not connect with your deceased loved ones.


If I cannot connect with your spirit guides or you are unhappy about my session, you don't need to pay.